The One Bollé with our Safety QR Code

The multinational company Bollé has chosen the Safety QR Code security system.

For us it is the culmination of years of perseverance.

The security system has been redefined in order to create two new and improved Bollé bike helmets that offer maximum quality and the highest level of technology.

It would take a whole page to describe all of the new extraordinary components of such a concentrate of safety and comfort:

  • 31 Vents
  • 2 “cover aeros” to close the helmet
  • 2 Sunglass- garages to position the temples of the glasses
  • 1 EPS lining for harsh winter climates
  • 1 rear LED for maximum visibility
  • 1 “Safety QR Code” sticker for recording a message for whoever comes to your rescue in case of need.

Here is the inspiring press kit description:

“Passive and active safety are obviously Bollé’s top priorities; indeed, with a QR code sticker on the side of the helmet, it will be possible to record an audio message for the first person who reads the display code with the specific app downloadable on the AppStore or GooglePlay. This service is provided for free by Bollé for all cycling helmets, which confirms the French company’s strong commitment . It is very easy to use, just place the code against the screen of your mobile phone, register by e-mail and proceed to listen to the voice message. “


The “One helmet” was presented in Paris at a press preview and will be available on markets across the world starting January 2016.

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