Safety QR Code in two words

Safety QR Code in two words

The device Safety QR Code is a sticker to be applied to the helmet.
On the sticker you will find the QR Code which allows you to record a vocal message to be listened to in case of emergency by those who assist you.
We suggest to record the following:

  • Your biographical data
  • Blood group
  • Allergies
  • Pathologies
  • Important data for your health
  • Telephone numbers of the people to contact

icona Safety

Icon of the App Safety QR Code

In order to do this, you will have sixty seconds at your disposal.

You will just need to have a smartphone and have the free App gratuita Safety QR code installed.

In order to listen to the vocal massage, it can be possible to use one of the 200 App QR readers available on the web.

In the package you will find some stickers in order to prevent undesired people from reading the message.

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