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10 reasons why you should get a safety QR code

With a Safety QR Code your vitally important information is always available Wherever you go and whatever you do, the information which is important for you can always be there with you. The code can be scanned by any tablet or smarthphone with a QR code...
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5 safety tips for bikers

It doesn’t matter whether you are already a pro cyclist or whether you are just thinking about starting it now – it is hugely important to think about safety. We have listed our 5 most important safety tips to give you some help and to get you started.
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7 things you must have for a safe cycling trip

As it is now the right time to go on holiday and include a great trip on your beloved bike we thought it would be useful to put together the list of those things you must have if you would like to ride safely and comfortably. In our opinion these are...
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Safety QR Code – an exciting new invention for cyclists!

I think all those who read my blog articles already know that I am quite keen on cycling and also on doing it as safely as possible. Probably this is the reason why I was involved in the work of developing the Safety QR Code. In my opinion this is a very...
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Safety tips for cyclists in Italy

In terms of road safety Italy can be considered as a fairly safe place. That is also proven by the various statistics on the subject, e.g. those published by OECD. However, if we talk about cycling safety specifically that is a slightly different case....
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Discover Italy on a bike: Pistoia, a true gem of Tuscany

Have you ever wondered how lovely it would be to discover the most fantastic places in Italy? But not the most typical big cities, but those places where you can just hop on your bike and cycle around to see the country’s hidden treasures? Our aim is...
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