10 reasons why you should get a safety QR code

10 reasons why you should get a safety QR code
  1. With a Safety QR Code your vitally important information is always available

Wherever you go and whatever you do, the information which is important for you can always be there with you. The code can be scanned by any tablet or smarthphone with a QR code reader quickly and easily.

  1. The information about your allergies and intolerances is always there with you

In case you have any allergies or intolerances it would be extremely important for this to be known by any first aid staff if you are involved in an accident. You can record this information on your Safety QR Code so it is always there with you.

  1. Excellent for those who love cycling

Bike accidents occur every now and then unfortunately. If you are often on your bike you should also consider the possibility of being involved in an accident – when having all the vital information with you on your Safety QR Code could actually save your life.

  1. Suitable for those who love running

If you have an accident – which can unfortunately also happen when you are running – your Safety QR Code can still be with you. There is no need to carry any additional weight – easily stick it somewhere visible and you have done your bit.

  1. Perfect for those who love triathlon

Safety QR Code can also be used by those who love triathlon. Whatever you do, whatever happens your most important details are there with you.

  1. Great if you go to races

Going to a race and being in the crowd is risky, accidents can easily happen there too. Get yourself covered by having your Safety QR Code there with you. It will definitely not slow you down but can easily save your life.

  1. Very useful for those who love travelling

If you travel a lot and love going on holidays Safety QR Code is really for you. You can record the contact details of your family members so that they can be contacted right away if necessary.

  1. Safety QR Code for children

Children can get lost, may have allergies and intollerances and can even be involved in an accident. The Safety QR Code is also a great solution to have their important information there with them.

  1. Safety for your parents

In case of an accident or any emergency your contact details are there and you can be contacted right away. The Safety QR Code is also a great way to record any important medical information.

  1. Perfect gift for those who you care about

Safety QR Code can also be a great gift for those who you care about. You do not need to know their medical details or anything similar – you can simply give them the pack with everything they need and they can record their info and set things up right away.

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