Safety QR Code – an exciting new invention for cyclists!

I think all those who read my blog articles already know that I am quite keen on cycling and also on doing it as safely as possible. Probably this is the reason why I was involved in the work of developing the Safety QR Code. In my opinion this is a very exciting new invention that all those who are keen cyclists should also know about.

So what is this new invention that you should be so excited about? It is called Safety QR Code and you can find more information about it on the other pages of this website ( The concept is that we provide you with a small pack which contains PVC stickers with six different QR codes. You only need to download a free app with which you can record your own vocal messages on these codes. Why is this a life-saving invention? Because you can include any intolerances, allergies, special information (e.g. blood group, next of kin contact details etc.) in your message and can easily stick the QR code on your helmet or anything similar where it can easily be seen and found. If you are involved in an accident the trained first aid staff can simply listen to your vocal message with any smartphone or tablet with a QR code reader and they will know everything they need to know about you right away. I love the idea because it is very simple, easy to use and cost effective (a pack is currently 15.80 euros which is approx. £13.30!). It is also very good that having the vital information with you does not mean carrying any additional bits and bobs that would mean extra hassle or weight. After the recording you only need to put your sticker(s) to the right place once and you are done, you did your part!

We are also really proud of the fact that the product is also suitable for those who are keen to protect their personal data as we all know that this is a very important subject nowadays. In the above mentioned pack you will also find a strip with five stickers for the protection of privacy.

In conclusion I would like to encourage you keen cyclists to try this solution as it is definitely worth the money and I think as it can also be applied by someone like me (tried and tested!) then literally anybody should be able to coop with setting it all up!  . I hope you also find this product interesting and worth considering as it can clearly save your life for the price of an average T-shirt!

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