7 things you must have for a safe cycling trip

As it is now the right time to go on holiday and include a great trip on your beloved bike we thought it would be useful to put together the list of those things you must have if you would like to ride safely and comfortably. In our opinion these are the following: 

1. Cycling glasses

Even though beginner cyclists might think that cycling glasses are only accessories that some choose to wear and some don’t it is important to point out that this is not true. Whilst cycling your eyes need to be protected from a wide range of small objects e.g. insects and flying gravel. The harsh sun and strong wind are also typical conditions to consider – they can cause watery eyes that you surely do not want whilst riding on the road.

2. Gloves and shorts

These two are in the same group as they can both reduce the amount of pain you will suffer during a longer cycling trip. We suggest wearing fingerless cycling gloves that pad the palms and tight-fitting cycling shorts cushioned with gel or foam for the maximum comfort.

3. Sunscreen

Protecting yourself from the rays of the sun is essential if you go on a cycling trip. You can choose from a wide range of lotions, sprays and gels but make sure that you cover your ears, neck, arms and also the top of your knees as these are the places that would be affected first. 

4. Water bottles

Keeping hydrated while riding is absolutely vital as we all know. From backpack-style water bags with sip tubes to thermos-style bottles there are many shapes and sizes to choose from – just make sure that you bring at least one of them!

5. Tyre patch kit

A usual kit includes a set of levers (to pry off and on tires), a bunch of patches and glue. It may sounds boring to have such things with you but these can really save the day if you have a puncture in the middle of nowhere. You can quickly fix your flat tyre with the bits provided and can happily continue your trip. 

6. Helmet

A good-quality road or mountain bike helmet with an adjustable fit and a well-rounded hard shell ensures a comfortable and safe ride. Whilst shopping make sure that the fit is not too tight and also not too loose (as in the latter case it can easily fall and cause potential danger). 

7. Your Safety QR code!

If you have all the above the last thing that you should add to your list is your Safety QR code. Simply order your kit online (check, record your message with all the important information that you would like to include and what would be important in case of an accident (e.g. information about your blood group, any allergies or intolerances that you have, next of kin etc.). Then stick your code to a place where it is easy to find (e.g. on your helmet) and you’re done and ready to enjoy your trip with a peace of mind!

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