5 safety tips for bikers

5 safety tips for bikers

It doesn’t matter whether you are already a pro cyclist or whether you are just thinking about starting it now – it is hugely important to think about safety. We have listed our 5 most important safety tips to give you some help and to get you started.

  1. Check your bike before cycling

Your bike should be checked on a regular basis to make sure that everything works fine and nothing will go wrong when you are on the road. The most important things to look at are the following:

  • tyres: make sure that these are in a good overall condition and that the tyre pressure is also correct considering the manufacturer’s indications.
  • breaks: try and test these before starting your journey to make sure that you can slow down and stop when necessary.
  • wheels: make sure that these are correctly set and centred.
  • chain and gearshift: have a look at these to make sure that they are in a good overall condition, free of any damage.
  1. Don’t get distracted

When you are out cycling it is very important to concentrate on the traffic. We suggest to avoid listening to music or using mobile phones while riding. In case your phone rings stop for as long as necessary and continue your trip once your call has finished.

  1. Protect your head

Wearing the necessary protective equipment – most importantly a good helmet – is vital if you go cycling. A decent helmet might cost some money but the importance of it cannot be emphasised enough. If you are shopping for a helmet you should consider the following:

  • it should be the right size
  • it should be light
  • it should be well ventilated.
  1. Stay visible

If drivers can see you then this reduces the risk of being hit. Using decent front and rear lights is definitely a must, even in daytime. Wearing colorful or reflective clothes, maybe a high-visibility west or jacket can make a real difference too. If you do all these then you have done quite a lot for your own safety.

  1. Use Safety QR Code

It should always be considered that even if you do everything you possibly can for your safety it is still possible that you will be involved in an accident. Because of that it is very important to be prepared for that scenario too. Using a Safety QR Code can actually save your life as you can simply record any important information (e.g. allergies, intolerances, next of kin etc.) on it. Any first aid staff can read the code with a smartphone or tablet that has a QR code reader and this way they will have all the imporatnt information about you right away. You can simply order your Safety QR Code kit online ( You can then record your own message and can easily stick your code to a place where it can be easily seen (for example your helmet could be an excellent place for it). It is great as you do not have to carry any additional accessories or gadgets with you and once it is all set up there is nothing else to do.

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